In addition, RIMS has contacts and partnerships around the world through the following consortia:


  • EUPLANTCROPP - a European wide Research Infrastructure platform facilitating analysis of plant extracts and development of new products such as safe Bio-pesticides
  • FitforHealth 2.0 and Fit4Health - two subsequent projects facilitating finding partners and developing EU projects for Health
  • RIMI4AC- a EDF/ACP project helping to build up capacity across sub-Saharan Africa, while strengthening Regional Associations for Research and Innovation Management
  • UEMEXCYT2- a project managing the liaison office between Europe and Mexico for Science and Technology Cooperation
  • Match2BioSME- a project facilitating partnering and developing EU Biotech projects
  • Elan2Life- a capacity building project across Latin America
  • Coeur4Life-  a capacity building project in Russia, Ukraïne, South Africa, Brazil and Costa Rica










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